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It's Time to Take Action

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Tell-a-friend about Working Families Win.

You can help by clicking here to send a personalized e-mail message to your friends telling them about WFW.

Spread the Word:  Host a House Meeting

In house meetings, volunteers invite neighbors and friends into their homes to talk about building a stronger voice for working families.  House meetings help participants connect the dots between policymaking in Washington and its impact here at home.  Most importantly, house meetings empower people to make a difference through action in their community.  Host a house meeting and help lay the foundation for change in America.

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Working Families Win insists that elected officials remain accountable for their stands on issues that are important to America's working families:  curbing health care costs, keeping good jobs in America, increasing wages, improving retirement security, and putting the economic interests of working families first.  By writing a letter to the editor or notes to your neighbors, you can keep the issues alive and make a difference for working families everywhere.  Click here to find out who represents you.

Voter Education

Help voters in your community undrestand where the candidates stand on our issues.  By talking to voters on their doorsteps and in their living rooms, you are making the election about real issues - issues that affect your neighbors and community every day.

Join Us Locally

Please check our list of local WFW efforts.